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4 Tier Mini Greenhouse
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Xboomgarden.com. Planting a variety of plants at home is fun. The challenge is to keep the plants grow well until you can harvest them or enjoy the flowers. In this case, you have to protect the plants for bugs, bad weather, or anything that possibly destroy them. You can install a 4 tier mini greenhouse as one of the best solutions. Let’s check the detail about this product below.

1. The Specification of 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

This type of greenhouse is the best option due to the design of the product as well as its function. The design is compact enough, especially if you only have a small gardening space. You can put it on patios, balconies, decks, or anywhere around your small backyard.

1.1. Material

The material of this product is various but most of them are made of stainless steel and tubular frame. These two materials are used to create a durable mini greenhouse. It is also supported by four metal shelves so you can put some trays or pots. The plastic material uses to cover the plants without losing sunlight. You can close the greenhouse by adjusting the zipper, especially if you have to leave the plants.     

1.2. Product Dimension

This product is a perfect greenhouse gardening for beginners who only have a small gardening area. The dimension of this product is only 19 x 27 x 63 inches. Because of the small dimension, it is a lightweight and easy to assemble anywhere you want.

1.3. Features

This mini greenhouse is supported by 4 sturdy shelves, stainless frame, plastic cover, and zipper. Those features to help you protect the plants so they can grow well just like what you are expected.   

2. The Way to Assemble the 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Some beginner gardeners often postpone their plan to grow plants because they don’t know how to make greenhouse at home. They think that creating a greenhouse is a complicated and expensive project. 4 tier mini greenhouse is offered to solve this problem. It is really easy to do and affordable.

2.1. Check the Package

By the time receiving the package, you need to check the parts in the package. Just make sure that all of the parts are there before assembling the mini greenhouse.

2.2. Assemble Parts

When the parts are complete, you can start assembling the bottom first. Take two of the frame parts and connect them with three sticks. It becomes the surface of the greenhouse. You can repeat the steps to create the second, third, and fourth tier of the greenhouse. When it is ready, insert the roof support. Now, you will see the mini greenhouse and to make it perfect, put the wire shelves on each of the tiers. The last thing to do is covering up the mini greenhouse with the plastic and you are ready to place mini greenhouse and put your favorite plants there. You don’t need to worry because the package is supported by an instruction sheet so you can read and follow the complete steps.

2.3. Final Check and Use It

When the mini greenhouse is ready just make a final check. Just make sure that the construction is sturdy enough before putting all the pots or trays in the shelves. Then, you can put some of the pots and trays and grow some of your favorite plants there.   

3. The Benefits of Using Mini Greenhouse

There are several benefits you can get if you are building a 4 tier mini greenhouse at home. First, you can be a gardener anytime you want. Just build a mini greenhouse anywhere you want and you are ready to be a gardener. Second, the main purpose of the mini greenhouse is to protect the plants and it is a perfect option if you are living in an area with uncertain weather. Indeed, this product is a great thing if you want to protect the plants from snow or cold weather as well as hot weather. The point is that you can control the temperature that makes the plants grow well. This product has a cover and the function of this part is to keep the seeds or plants warm. The zipper helps to give good air flow to the plants.

4. Pros and Cons  


  1. A 4 tier mini greenhouse is a small greenhouse and it makes the product flexible. You can put this product anywhere you want around the house   
  2. It is a sturdy and durable product along with the use of the stainless steel frame.
  3. The materials make the greenhouse lightweight and easy to assemble.
  4. You may use this product to start seedlings your favorite vegetables, fruits, or flowers.
  5. Affordable product, especially for beginner gardeners who only have limited money and gardening space at home.  


  1. This greenhouse is a little bit difficult to move after putting some plants because it has no wheels.
  2. It seems the product is not strong enough to protect the plants against heavy rain and strong wind.
  3. You can only use the shelves for small or medium pots or trays.   
  4. The plastic cover seems doesn’t work properly in an extremely hot weather area.


You don’t have to wait until you have a large land or area only to start gardening. You can be a gardener anytime you want. Building a mini greenhouse is a solution so you have plants, vegetables, fruits, or flowers at home. The design is suitable for the modern gardening method, especially for those who are living in an apartment or area with a small backyard. You might not put all your favorite plants there but at least you have something to plant there. You can plant a variety of vegetables, fruits, or flowers so you can harvest them later.

A 4 tier mini greenhouse is also a great solution to protect the plants from any problems that can destroy them. The most important thing is that you buy a 4 tier mini greenhouse at an affordable price and assemble the parts in a few minutes. Then, you can take care of the plants and get the result after a few months. So, happy gardening!


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