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Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom Seeds image There are two popular types of seeds: hybrid and heirloom seeds. Hybrid seeds are produced through the pollination of two specific varieties with certain characteristics like hardiness, high yield and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, pesticides and transport. Heirloom seeds are from plants that are passed from one generation to the next and farming families traditionally save their best seeds for handing down to the next generation, thus such seeds can be passed down for hundreds of years.

Though plants grown from hybrid seeds are more resilient and have higher produce, they are not as rich in nutritional value as the yield of plants grown from heirloom seeds. Hybrid seeds are specifically engineered for the commercial farmer which is why the products from this seeds only have the qualities needed to make them last long enough to be transported, stocked in supermarket shelves and finally into consumers’ kitchen tables. Produce of plants grown from hybrid seeds have very low nutritional value and poor taste.

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Yields from heirloom seeds on the other hand are very nutritious and have excellent taste. Also the seeds from these fruits can be saved for future use. The seeds from a fruit grown from a hybrid seed cannot be saved because they either yield poor quality crop or are infertile. Hybrid seeds are created that way so that commercial farmers will keep on buying new seeds.

Why Use Heirloom Seeds

As a grower of your own food, the best choice when it comes to seeds is heirloom seeds. Obviously you want the kind of seed that you can save and replant as well as produce nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables for your table, and heirloom seeds can give these benefits to you. Other than that, here are 7 reasons you should use heirloom seeds.

1. Freedom from huge food corporations.

The likes of Monsanto dominate the food production industry but the qualities of food we get from these corporations are far from good. It’s not worth our hard-earned money to keep buying food products that are laced with GMOs and harmful chemicals. Continually ingesting these modified and unnaturally produced foods heighten our risks for cancers and other illnesses in the long run.

2. You help small independent farmers.

Many independent farmers are ruined by greedy seed companies so by buying heirloom seeds from a local farmer, you can help keep an honest individual afloat.

3. You get tastier produce

The yield of plants grown from heirloom seeds are not only more nutritious, they are a lot tastier too. Maybe you have experienced the disappointment of sinking your teeth on a delicious looking tomato from the supermarket. Those large, bright-colored, smooth-skinned tomatoes look so appealing but the moment you bite into one, you get a taste of the bitter reality – these commercially produced tomatoes don’t taste like tomatoes at all. It’s better to harvest your own tomatoes that may be smaller, bruised, oddly shaped but have that rich, sweet taste you want.

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4. You get a taste of the past.

There are varieties of heirloom seeds that have been handed down for a hundred or so years. This means that you could be enjoying the same flavors that people enjoyed in the distant past.

5. You save money.

Since you can save the seeds from your harvest, you won’t need to buy new seeds for every planting season.

6. There are more choices.

There are more varieties to choose from so you can pick the right ones suited to your taste or climate. Because there are more choices, you can also plant more than one variety of the same plant for diversity.

7. Heirloom seeds are perfect for the home gardener

Heirloom seeds offer you a gradual supply of fresh fruits and vegetables compared to what hybrid seeds offer which is a huge produce that can be harvested all at one time. If you plan to sell your garden’s yields, then hybrid seeds could be a practical choice because you can harvest everything at the same time and take them to market. But if you only want to have a garden so you can walk in to it and pick whatever is ready for dinner or snack, then plants grown from heirloom seeds are just perfect.


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