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Xboomgarden.com. Banana and Eggs Pancake – Eating healthy is a necessity not just some fad. So when you come across a new recipe with nothing but all natural ingredients, the only logical thing to do is to give it a try. This 2-ingredient pancake is worth giving a try.

To make it, all you need are:

Banana and Eggs

– 1 ripe banana

– 2 whole eggs

And some oil for the pan.

Here’s how to make this healthy breakfast food:

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Step 1

Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Cut the banana into slices to make it easier to mash with the eggs.

Combine the ingredients in a bowl

Step 2

Spray the pan with oil (preferably coconut oil spray; you can also use palm oil)

Step 3

Take a silver dollar sized scoop and pour on a low to medium heat pan. Allow the cake to set for 30 seconds (or until the center bubbles) then flip.

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Take a silver dollar sized scoop and pour on a low to medium heat pan

Step 4

When done, serve and enjoy.

The banana and eggs pancake is delicious as it is but you can add some syrup and berries if you want.

Banana and Eggs Pancake
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Banana and Eggs Pancake Health Benefits

Bananas are known to have a lot of health benefits including:

– improves mood and overcomes depression

– helps improve digestion

– stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the bowels

– prevents kidney cancer

– protects the eyes against macular degeneration

– builds strong bones by increasing calcium absorption

Eggs on the other hand are a very good source of protein which is an important building block of muscles, skin, blood, bones and cartilage. The egg white contains riboflavin or Vitamin B2 which is a water-soluble vitamin which is necessary for normal cell growth and function and energy production. When eaten in moderation, the yolk is also very healthy. The yolk is an excellent source of vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, lecithin and iron.

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