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Best Place for A Greenhouse

Unlike having pots that are easy to move, choosing a perfect place for a greenhouse can be very tricky. This is because the construction needs a permanent structure. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find the right place for it and build a greenhouse cheap. Here are a few things you need to consider well before deciding to choose permanent space for your greenhouse. 

Consider Your Garden’s Conditions

Before starting constructing the greenhouse, you need to know that every garden has a unique condition that different from one to another. In this way, you need to place your greenhouse somewhere that allows it to get a lot of sunshine. Not only that, assessing the condition of your garden is important to make sure that the greenhouse will also be protected from fort pocket and harsh winds. The best place for a greenhouse will also make it possible for the plants inside to get plenty of natural daylight. Make sure that your greenhouse is established on level ground that has good soil. 

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East, West, South, or North?

Determine the point of compass where you want to build the greenhouse is also important. If you want to grow plants inside your greenhouse all year round, then you can align the ridge of its roof from east to west. It will help you to optimize light during the winter. But, if you only want to grow plants in the summer and spring, then the ridge that runs north-south will be a better option. Meanwhile, the best location you can pick if you want to build lean-to greenhouse is south-facing. You can choose to place the supporting wall on the north side.

Say No to Tall Trees

Tall trees will give your greenhouse too much shade. So, make sure that you avoid tall trees to get the best place for a greenhouse. Additionally, the trees will also decrease the amount of sunlight that should reach your plants and make them grow well. You can even face worse issue since sticky pollen and bird droppings can get the glasses dirty. When the branches of the trees break off due to high winds or bad weather, the will smash the glass panes easily. 

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Provide Breathing Space

The best place for a greenhouse should be able to provide it with breathing space. The construction should have plenty of room so you can easily clean and maintain it. This will be very helpful if you can provide the entire outside perimeter of the greenhouse with at least one meter of space.

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