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image Avoid committing a lot of mistakes in planting by knowing the biggest mistakes that newbie and even some experienced gardeners make.

Here is a list of common gardener mistakes you can avoid.

1. Not planning 

There are a lot of things to consider when gardening like how large your garden is, what vegetables you like to eat, what are the vegetables that can be grown easily, how long do you have to wait before you can harvest your plants, etc.

Corn is an example of a plant that needs a large space to grow. They are also attractive to unwanted pests. Corn is a good companion plant; it can shade other plants from the sun.

2. Overcrowding

too many plants in your garden

This is one of the common mistakes gardeners make. Planting too many plants in your garden can affect the growth of your plants. Some plants need a large amount of space to grow.

Your plants will compete with each other for light, water and nutrients. They will not get the right amount of nutrients they need in an overcrowded environment. Look for some guidelines in the seed packet and follow them. You can also make a research for space recommendations for vegetables.

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3. Not enriching the soil

Not enriching the soil

You have to enrich your garden soil so that your plants get the nutrients they need. Add compost to your soil or mulch. You can use dried leaves, grass clippings, kitchen scraps and green manure.

4. Planting too early or too late

The temperature of your soil can affect the growth of your plants. Some pants can tolerate cold temperature and some plants need warm temperatures.

Lettuce, spinach, Brassicas, Asian vegetables, peas, potato, chard, and radish are plants that can tolerate a cold temperatures. Beans, tomato, squash, pepper, and eggplant are crops that can be planted in a warm temperature. You can start planting them if your soil temperature reaches 70 °F.

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5. Not keeping the soil cool in warm weather

soil cool in warm weather

Weeds will begin to sprout as the weather warms up. Use mulch to make your soil cool and to avoid weeds from sprouting.

6. Watering incorrectly

Water your plants deeply, not often. You only have to water your plants regularly when needed. When you water your plants, do not wet your plants’ leaves to avoid viruses from spreading; water from the below or near the soil. Water your plants consistently as they grow.

If you want to save water, plant in raised beds.

7. Ignoring garden problems

Weeds and insects will destroy your plants, if you do not get rid of them. There are beneficial insects that help your plants grow, so be careful not to kill them. You must also know the different types of beneficial insects.

Janet Kilburn Phillips said;

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”

Well, you can learn from other gardener’s ‘experiment’ results and make your gardening a bit more easy.

Common Mistakes for a Newbie Gardener

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