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Greenhouse for Small Spaces
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Greenhouse is a building similar to mini cabin purposed as a protection for plants. It is purposed to protect plants from unpredictable weather and bad contents in the air. A greenhouse is usually built in a big scale garden. But it does not mean that this building cannot be built in small spaces. You can even build a greenhouse cheap for you mini greenhouse. Below are the design ideas of greenhouse for small spaces that can be your inspirations.

Flower Greenhouse

Mini Flower Greenhouse

Orchids are the type of flower that is often placed and treated in a greenhouse. For you who are a lover of this flower, you are able to build a small flower greenhouse for your orchid collections. Build a simple yet sturdy flower greenhouse from glass materials and aluminum materials. Use the aluminum materials for the greenhouse frames and paint them black. Neatly place and arrange your orchid collections in a high rack. Add a large table as a place to take care of the flower. Under the table, you can place some supplies of fertilizers and gardening tools.

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House Wall Greenhouse

House Wall Greenhouse
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The next idea of the greenhouse for small spaces is by using the house wall at your house. You can create a new structure that sticks to your outside house walls. What makes this design idea interesting is that you will be able to access the greenhouse from the existing door. You can also place a small round table and a single sofa so that it feels like you have your own private garden. Are you interested to apply this idea?

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Low Budget Greenhouse

Low Budget Greenhouse
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Besides building an attractive small greenhouse, you are also able to build a low-budget greenhouse with a simpler design. Not only need a lower budget, but this low-budget greenhouse also requires a smaller space. If you do not want to build it by yourself, you can just purchase a small greenhouse kit in the market. This way, you just need to put it all together.

Bamboo Greenhouse

bamboo greenhouse
image from offgridworld.com

The last design idea of the greenhouse for small spaces is the bamboo greenhouse. Bamboo is really easy to find. Moreover, this material is affordable as well, suitable for you who want to build a greenhouse cheap. So, use this material to build a simple and mini greenhouse to protect your plants. Besides bamboo as the frame, you will also need thick plastic as the cover. This design is often called tunnel.

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