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Greenhouses for Home Use

A greenhouse is a special building that functions as gardening media to help vegetations optimally grow. It is not that difficult to build a greenhouse, as long as you know the process. From the preparation process until the building process. Not only for agriculture or farming uses, but a greenhouse is also possible for home uses. Below are the types of greenhouses for home use based on the materials used.

Bamboo Greenhouse

Bamboo Greenhouse

A bamboo greenhouse is mostly used by farmers. This type of greenhouse is affordable so that it is suitable for you who wish to build a greenhouse cheap. It can be said that a bamboo greenhouse is an affordable greenhouse. The disadvantage of this greenhouse is it is not really durable. The service life is relatively short because the material used is susceptible to bugs and insects. Usually, a bamboo greenhouse uses UV plastic as the production place for the vegetation.

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Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouse
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The next one of greenhouses for home use is a wooden greenhouse. A wooden greenhouse has better quality than a bamboo greenhouse. It is because a wooden greenhouse is relatively more durable. The environment sanitation of this greenhouse is also cleaner compared to a bamboo greenhouse. Usually, concrete materials are added in the bottom part of the walls so that it looks more permanent. The covers also use various options of materials which are also more permanent.

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Iron Greenhouse

Iron Greenhouse
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The most durable greenhouse among the previous types of greenhouse is an iron greenhouse. So, it is not surprising that this type of greenhouse is also more expensive than the previous ones. It is because the material used has the best quality, especially in the term of strength. Moreover, there are usually other additional elements which are used to support this greenhouse so that it can be used optimally.

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Those are the types of greenhouses for home use based on the materials used. When you are building a greenhouse, it will be better if the height of the roof is made lower, maximum as high as adults’ height. It is purposed to make it easy for you to take care of your plants and when you need to catch insects. When you build a fully enclosed greenhouse, make sure that the air circulation inside the greenhouse is well-kept. Do not forget to consider your budget as well. So, which type of greenhouse you are interested to build or to have?

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