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Successful gardeners are not lucky. They are successful because they have good habits that make them successful in the garden. You can adopt these habits too and become a better and happier grower.

The 7 Habits of Successful Gardeners You Should Know
The 7 Habits of Successful Gardeners You Should Know

What are these 7 habits of successful gardeners?

1. Make Compost

Make Compost images
Make Compost images Compost is the gardener’s black gold so if you are not composting yet, it’s high time you start doing so. The good thing about composting is there are easy ways to do it so anyone can start making compost. Plus, the materials used are mostly free. Most of the time you are merely reusing or recycling scraps from your kitchen and from other places. Find out the things you can and cannot compost here.

2. Use Compost

Use Compost image
Use Compost image

And of course if you make compost, you should use it too. Compost is great at building soil. By incorporating compost into your garden soil, you also introduce or attract microorganisms that help build the soil and improve its structure so that your plants thrive. A garden that has been planted in for years and years can be rejuvenated by adding compost since nutrients are added into it and microbial activity is encouraged.

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3. Plant Crops in Wide Beds

Plant Crops in Wide Beds

By planting in wide beds, you can group your crops as tightly as possible so that weeds are limited and water is conserved. Also, compost is concentrated only on the important areas and the spot is built up over the years as the organic matter pile up. The bed can be raised or neatly enclosed by boards. Planting this way also makes path maintenance easier.

4. Mulch

Mulching images
Mulching images

Mulching has a lot of benefits:

  •  helps keep soil warm during the winter
  • helps retain moisture during the summer
  • kills weeds
  • encourages microbial activity in the soil
  • improves soil structure
  • deters some soil pests
  • protects the roots of plants from extreme temperatures

Learn more about mulching materials for your vegetable garden.

5. Feed the Soil, Not the Plants

feed the soil not the plant
feed the soil not the plant

The biggest mistake of many gardeners is they concentrate on feeding their plants and almost neglect their soil. But it is the soil that needs to be fed because plants depend on it for their food, water and air. The soil is host to microorganisms and other tiny living things that work to convert nutrients, water and air into a form that plant roots can easily get. So feed the soil and its occupants and watch as your garden thrives.

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6. Share Something

green gardening Successful Gardeners

Share your bounty and gain a lot of goodwill! Give flowers to neighbors or group homes or soup kitchens. Flowers can brighten a place and people up a good deal. Share your produce and give donations for the hungry or simply give to anyone who’d want them.

7. Be There

tending to your garden Successful Gardeners
tending to your garden image

Simply be there, tending to your garden. As Lao Tse said, the best fertilizer is the shadow of the gardener.

If you are a beginning gardener, it will do you a lot of good to learn from the mistakes of others. So take note of these 7 good gardening habits and enjoy.

These “seven pillars of horticultural wisdom” are borrowed from Leslie Land.

The 7 Habits of a Successful Gardener

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