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Xboomgarden.com. Herbs to grow indoors in the winter – Fall is the time to start planning about bringing your herb garden indoors.

Herbs make home-cooked meals more special, more savory and better tasting. With just a dash here or a pinch there, herbs can easily add depth and complexity to even the simplest dishes, making flavors explode as the food touches the tongue.

So if you are dreaming of warm and savory dishes come winter, consider the following herbs to grow indoors in the winter.

12 Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter :

1. Chives

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Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow indoors in the winter because they don’t need too much light yet produce prolifically. Chives can be started from an already-established plant; simply pull up a bunch with roots and transfer to a pot with potting soil. The crowns must be covered with soil. To encourage new growth, cut about a third off the top of the chive.

2. Parsley

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This common herb is also easy to grow although the seeds can be a bit difficult to germinate and could take up to 2 weeks for results to show. However, parsley does not require much light and once you get it started, it is low maintenance. Parsley is a rather slow grower so be patient and don’t be discouraged if initial clippings yield few harvest.

3. Oregano

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This is another great herb to grow indoors in the winter. Every variety of this herb requires 6-8 hours of sun a day so if you are going to grow this herb indoor, make sure you put it in a well-lit window.

4. Rosemary

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You don’t have to grow this herb in a particularly rich soil. Rosemary prefers the dry side so be careful not to overwater it. There are various varieties of Rosemary but for growing indoors, choose the upright ones like Blue Spire or Tuscan Blue as these are more compact unlike the creeping or bush-like varieties.

5. Bay

bay herb - herbs to grow indoors in the winter

Bay is a perennial that can be grown in pots or containers all year round. When growing it indoors, choose a window that faces the east or west. Bay requires air circulation in order to remain healthy so be sure it does not get crowded.

6. Sage

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You can start your indoor sage plant by taking a tip cutting from an already established plant. Sage tolerates the dry, indoor air quite well but it requires strong sun. set it in a south-facing window.

7. Lemongrass

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This is one of the easiest herbs to grow indoors in the winter as it can thrive even without soil. When buying lemongrass, get the ones with plenty of stem still-intact bases. Trim the top and just place the stalk in 2-inches of water. The stalk will sprout roots and eventually, dozens of new shoots.

8. Peppermint

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Peppermint thrives in the shade but still needs some sunlight, so place in a spot that gets at least a little bit sun every day. Peppermint can grow like weeds and can easily choke out other herbs, so plant them in a different container. This mint herb also needs frequent harvesting. Start it from seeds in a small pot filled with potting soil.

9. Dill

dill, cucumber herb, herb, umbelliferae, green, spice,  Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

The perfect herb to grow indoors in the winter if you love pickling! Dill is also great for adding to season dips as well as for curing salmon.

10. Thyme

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This herb needs 6-8 hours of sunlight a day – sometimes, it even requires additional or supplemental light. Lemon thyme is a good variety to grow indoors as it has a unique citrus-like flavor and rarer than store varieties.

11. Tarragon

tarragon, herb, plant, yellow, flower, trinidad, tobago, Herbs to Grow Indoors in the Winter

If you are already growing tarragon, before you transfer them indoors, allow the herbs a dormant period in late autumn or early winter. Pot up your mature tarragon plants and leave them outside until their leaves die back. Bring the pots indoors and place them in the coolest spot for a few days. Then transfer them in a south-facing window – you want them to get as much sun as possible. Feed the soil with organic liquid fertilizer.

12. Basil

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Of all the herbs to grow indoors in the winter, basil might just be the most difficult to grow. Choose the varieties best suited for growing indoors like African Blue or Spicy Globe. Start from seeds and because this herb likes lots of sun and warmth, place the pots in a south-facing window.

The best way to enjoy your herbs and make the most of them is to grow them and since most of them can be grown indoors, you can still enjoy savory and more palatable dishes through the cold months. Get your kitchen herb garden started with this list of herbs to grow indoors in the winter.

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