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How to Add Nitrogen to Soil for Plants There are many aspects you need to know about the soil where you plant trees or veggies. First, it should have a lot of nutrients that will help the plants to grow better. Second, the soil contains enough water that will be absorbed by the plants. And the third, the soil gets enough sunlight or else the plants could not process the foods they’ve got from the soil. On this article, we will focus on the first aspect; the nutrients inside the soil. If you used to plant veggies or tree and this time they don’t seem to be thriving, you might face a nitrogen shortage and you need to know how to add nitrogen to soil and how to increase phosphorus in soil just in case it lack of phosphorus too.

How to Add Nitrogen to Soil

Nitrogen in soil will help the plant grow well and gives the foliage bright green color. When the plant doesn’t get enough nitrogen, it looks unhealthy and the leaves aren’t bright as it supposed to be. Instead of bright green, the leaves are yellow and look a little bit pale. The lack of nitrogen in the soil may also decrease the tree’s health and vulnerable to pests and bugs. The trees or plants need nutrients to survive and without nitrogen, it can’t grow.

But not all plants and vegetables need the same amount of nitrogen so be careful with that. Potatoes need a significant amount of nitrogen. Meanwhile potatoes only need a few of those or else the plants will develop big leaf without significant amount of fruits. We suggest you to know how to decrease nitrogen in soil just in case the site has too much nitrogen which is also bad for your plants. Too much nitrogen will result in big leafy plants but the plants won’t produce any fruits or veggies.

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Now, let’s talk about our main concern, the nitrogen levels in your soil. If you wonder ‘where do i buy nitrogen for plants’, we’ll provide comprehensive information for you.

Add Fertilizer

This is the easiest part to add nitrogen to the soil because it is in the fertilizer. Choose the right NPK ratio that fit your soil, NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (K). That way you don’t need to add nitrogen, phosphorus, or add potash to soil manually. Some products are labeled as 24-6-6 which means the fertilizer contains 20% of Nitrogen, 6% of Phosphorus, and 6% of Potassium. Make sure you know how many level of nitrogen you need to increase the nutrients in your soil. This is also how to increase phosphorus in soil because that substance is one package with nitrogen.

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Add Fertilizer

Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

Other things you can do to improve nitrogen levels in the soil is planting legumes or beans. These crops do magic by fixing the nutrients in the soil. Instead of taking the nitrogen, these plants will support other plants that need more nitrogen. Now you can try to plant legumes or beans around the area in the garden.

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nitrogen-fixing plants

Clipping the Grass

The natural way to increase nitrogen in soil naturally is by clipping the grass. It is a great way to overcome this problem because the grass clipping will increase the nitrogen levels gradually.

Clipping the Grass

Some people believe the myth of coffee grounds nitrogen and adding nitrogen to soil coffee grounds, but this is not totally true and it is useless. It would be better to add the coffee grounds to the compost first, and then apply that mix to the ground.

How to Decrease Nitrogen in Soil

Once you know how to increase nitrogen levels, you need to know how to decrease nitrogen in soil as some plants don’t need excessive nitrogen to help them grow. Here’s how to decrease nitrogen level in soil.

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Cut the Plants

You need to cut existing plants that grow around the area where you want to reduce the nitrogen level. The plants have absorbed the nitrogen from that location and the level has reduced.

Cut the Plants

Plant Potatoes or Small Grain

Potatoes and small grain such as Oats will help to draw nitrogen out of the soil fast. Those plants need and absorb a lot of nitrogen and once they are harvested, the soil contains less nitrogen than it used to be.

Plant Potatoes

This basic knowledge will help you understand the benefits and side effects of nitrogen in the soil. Too much nitrogen is great when the plants are suitable as they need it to develop fruits and other elements. But be careful as nitrogen could lead to soil contamination and pollute the nearest water source.

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Since now you know how to add nitrogen to soil and how to decrease the level of nitrogen in your garden, you can manage the nutrients of the soil easily.

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