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How to Make Greenhouse at Home
How to Make Greenhouse at Home

Xboomgarden.com. The first thing you should do before starting your project of how to make greenhouse at home is determining the location and your budget. Follow these simple steps if you want to build the best greenhouse.

1.      Decide the Greenhouse Style

There is a range of selections of greenhouse sizes and styles. You should find one that will be suitable for the available land in your home. Choose the structure that will meet your needs. The greenhouse-style and size will define its functionality as well as the effectiveness of the entire operation. So, think carefully.

2.      Hardware and Doors

Building a greenhouse will need exit and entryways, so you have to choose the right doors. The quality ones don’t only offer you guarantee to be last long, but it will also make sure your greenhouse is insulated properly. Choosing the hardware you use to structure the greenhouse is also vital. You should make sure the brackets, bolts, and nuts that you use to hold the construction are strong enough to face any weather.

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3.      Select the Covering

The next step of how to make greenhouse at home is selecting the right materials for covering it. Not only the materials, but there are also different thickness that you should think of. The ideal covering will determine whether your greenhouse gives an effective environment for growing plants or not. 

4.      Ventilation and Cooling

It is necessary to provide proper ventilation and good cooling system inside your greenhouse since it will prevent the plants from overheating. If you are building 4 tier mini greenhouse, it is best to install a smaller size of the cooling system.

5.      Heating System

Besides the cooling system, you should also arrange for a heating system in your greenhouse. It is needed to give a suitable environment for growing plants. There are many options for a heating system that you can choose like oil heaters, propane, convection tubing, natural gas heater, hot water heater, etc.

6.      Other System

It is good if you can control the environment inside the greenhouse, so you can make sure it is energy efficient and functional. However, you may need to also install a CO2 generator to improve the growth of your plants. Furthermore, you can consider if you need to have an irrigation system or not.

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7.      Build the Greenhouse

After collecting all materials and equipment you need to build a greenhouse, you only need to do the last step of how to make greenhouse at home which is to build it. If you want to build it by yourself, you can read the instruction manuals to help you understand how to construct it properly.

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