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Orchids Calgary

Orchids Calgary are beautiful and magnificent plants that are not as difficult to care for as many imagine them to be. There are some simple yet important steps that any grower needs to follow and the results will be great flowers for years to come.

How to water the orchid

How to water the orchid
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There are many questions amateur or new growers ask but the typical one ask the most is about when to water the orchid. Everyone knows that these plants come from rain forests and this leads them to assume they require frequent watering. This is not the case, instead your Orchid will need to be watered every 6 to 11 days. If the temperature is warmer it will need more frequent water this also means it will require less watering in cooler weather.

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Mastering the watering of your plant is a great way to ensure your plants long life. Another of course is to monitor and give the plant the correct amount of light everyday. Many are surprised by how much or how little light their plant actually needs. One way to tell is by looking at the leaf color.

Your orchid must receive the right amount of light

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Darker leaves will mean the plant is not getting the correct amount of light daily. If the Orchid is displaying a reddish green tint you are giving it far too much light. You want your plants leaves to display a bright green. This color means your Orchid is receiving the right amount of light.

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Plants grow and an Orchid will eventually need to be repotted. Generally speaking its a good rule of thumb to repot every couple of years. In case you haven’t done this in a while you will most likely see roots coming out of the pot, this is a sure sign that your plant has outgrown its home and needs a new one. Wait till the plant is not flowering and repot using the same potting mixture as before just more of it and go up in pot size gradually.

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