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Outdoor structures like decks and patios make lovely spots to relax in or gather friends and family. Having comfortable seating for these areas is important as most people have a bar area on their decks. Outdoor bar stools are functional and they also add aesthetic value. There are some factors to consider when choosing them.

Guiding Factor

The guiding factor should be that the stools can stand up against the elements because they will always be outside. This means that a stool made of leather for instance or canvas would not be a good choice as they would be destroyed by strong sun and rain or snow.

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Good choices are those made of metal which is virtually indestructible. This includes cast iron, wrought iron and aluminum which can bear up to extreme weather conditions. Also available are those made of fiberglass and a very hard and resilient kind of plastic. Wooden ones are also available. Those made with wood that has been treated to make it able to hold up to the elements. The rustic look of wicker stools also makes them suitable for the outdoors.

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Simple design of wooden

There are different styles and various colors available. One can go for those that have the natural grain wood look with a simple design of wooden planks put together. There are also that have the simple design of aluminum or iron rods or shafts while others combine wood and metal to form some elaborate designs. There are also those that have intricate, arched lines.

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The color selection is also wide. It is possible to get a stool in all kinds of colors from wooden ones that maintain a natural look, black cast or wrought iron ones, gray aluminum ones to bright plastic ones in neon shades. Choose according to your taste and the bar counter where they will be used.

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Be conscious about how much a stool weighs. It should be easy to lift and move so that people can easily do so as they socialize. As regards height, keep the height of the bar counter in mind so that when one pulls it up at the counter, it is easy to reach it.

Outdoor bar stools can also be converted into breakfast bar stools on those balmy days when the weather is too good to remain outdoors. Chosen them well and the stools will greatly enhance the look of your deck or patio and be furniture that is frequently used on those bright, clear days that just beckon for one to get out and enjoy the weather.

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