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Portable Hothouse for Plants Choosing Tips

XboomGarden.Com – A small walk-in greenhouse will be very beneficial for you who love gardening but do not have a large space at home. There are some types of greenhouse available in the garden center and one of them is hothouse greenhouse. This is a type of greenhouse with a stable temperature of 65 to 70 degrees. If you are interested in using the greenhouse, here are the things you need to consider when choosing a portable hothouse for plants

#1. Panel Clarity

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a hothouse is the panel clarity which could be diffused (opaque) or clear. A diffused panel will be perfect the most if you intend to grow the plants until they reach maturity in the greenhouse. The construction will help you to provide enough light for the balanced foliage growth your plants. It can also help you to avoid hot spots within the hothouse. Meanwhile, the clear panels will be a perfect option for beginners who want to germinate seeds and then transplant them outdoors. This kind of panel will also provide you with a direct and full light.

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#2. Ventilation

As a newbie in gardening, you need to know that one of the most common factors that cause failure in greenhouses is overheating. In this way, a greenhouse construction should be able to maintain warm air during the winter or autumn. It should also be able to release hot air during the summer and spring. In this way, ventilation is needed to maintain the air circulation in the small portable hothouse for plants. You can pick up between manually operated vents and solar-powered louvers. Some greenhouses in the market also use an exhaust fan to avoid overheating.

#3. UV Protection

Sunlight could break down the materials used in greenhouse overtime. In this way, if you want to reach the maximum life of your greenhouse, you can pick up the one with UV-protection glazing and framework. It will be very helpful if you can find hothouses that are UV-certified. You also need to know that some greenhouses available in the market also come with UV coating on the outside. So, be careful to not damage it.

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#4. Insulation

A small portable hothouse for plants should allow you to set the right insulation value. There are some insulation schemes that greenhouse suppliers offer. However, the scheme will depend on what is needed by your growing environment. 

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