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side of house greenhouse
image Have you ever heard of a side of house greenhouse? You might have heard of a greenhouse. Yes, it is a space where you can grow all of your plants and produce indoors without being affected by what is going on outside. That is if you have made the appropriate adjustments in your greenhouse which allows you to control the environment in your greenhouse in order for your plants to perfectly grow without any trouble at all. You can grow almost any plant in a greenhouse. All you need to do is make the right adjustments specifically for your plant so that the temperature and amount of sunlight are suitable for your plant. That is why having a greenhouse can be a wonderful thing for you to do.

There are many types of greenhouses. A greenhouse is usually designed and built separately from the house of the owner. But there are several alternatives besides having that conventional greenhouse. You can get a 4 tier mini greenhouse or you can even get a side of house greenhouse if you would rather get up close and personal with your greenhouse. Having a greenhouse that is right on the side of your house means that your house will be attached to your greenhouse. Now, this could either be a great thing or a not-so-great thing, depending on what you prefer. But if you do not know what you prefer yet, we are going to give you the pros and cons of a greenhouse that is attached to the side of your house.

The Pros

The pros of having a greenhouse on the side of your house are surprisingly not related to plants whatsoever. However, it is completely related to warmth. As long as there is sunlight, the greenhouse will always be warm despite how cold it is outside. That way, your house is going to feel the warmth creeping up from your greenhouse. You can even go through a cold season without running any heat in your house. You can even set up a comfortable space in your greenhouse to just chill and have some tea whenever you feel too cold outside. That way, you can enjoy the warmth that your greenhouse provides while enjoying the view of your beautiful plants growing.

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The Cons

There are not many cons from having a greenhouse which is attached to your house. The only thing that might bug you is a pest infestation that could happen in your house. If you do not protect your plants from pests, there is a chance that those pests can move and infest your house. That way, it is going to be extra challenging to rid your house off of pests.

There are several pros and cons to having a greenhouse that is located right next to your house. But at the end of the day, it all comes back to you to decide what kind of a greenhouse that suits you. So, would you consider having a side of house greenhouse?

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