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XBoomGarden.Com You may already be known that the shade cloth will help to protect or cover your precious plants. But, after you have done the online researches, you have found several different names for the shade construction such as the green houses, shade houses or even hot houses which are confusing. You may loom for the small garden hot houses as well. There are some real differences between the greenhouses and shade houses which can be included in the greenhouse term.

small garden hot houses
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Shade houses 

Sometimes it looks like the green house. The shade house usually has the shade cloth in the top part. It will be used to protect your plants from heat exposure or even dryness for some seasons. The shade cloth is so varied in the market and gives you the different presentations to protect your plants from the frost, sun, and so on. In other word, it provides you with good shelter from some elements inside, allow them to get the maximum growth. small walk in greenhouse can be your best consideration. 

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In another way, this unit placed in the opposite of the shade house. The greenhouse is the structure completed with the plastic or glass roof and usually, also have the plastic or glass walls. The sides and the roofs should allow the light to comes to space. The greenhouse will be heated up since the sun radiation come from the sun will warm up your plants and soil. There are so many ideas about small garden hot houses. The greenhouse can protect your beloved plants from animals, wind, and rain as well. 

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The glasshouse 

It has a form just a real greenhouse. Once the glass was the only material which perfects for this purpose. Thus, the greenhouse and glasshouse are pretty similar.

What type do you need? 

So you have to know your purposes clearly of having the greenhouse or go with the shade house. For the raise seeding, then you need different steps in different structures which highly exposed the seeds to the outdoor situation. The plants usually start in the glasshouse or known as the poly-tunnel, then the shaded structure, finally popping out under the sunlight for the hardening process. So, the greenhouse usually uses as the raising seedlings and give the protection home which been used in the second step. So, you have to know about your purpose first before choosing small garden hot houses.

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