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small greenhouse for balcony

XBoomGarden.Com – It is always fun to have a small walk-in greenhouse in your apartment balcony. Additionally, growing plants in a balcony greenhouse are really enjoyable and fulfilling since you will be able to produce your food. However, you will need the skills and knowledge to successfully grow your plants. But, what if you are a beginner and want to start planting in your balcony greenhouse? Here are some successful growing small greenhouse for balcony tips you can follow.

#1. Seed Starting Supplies

One of the benefits of growing plants in a greenhouse is that it will allow you to extend growing seasons. This will make it possible for you to start planting early in the summer or spring. There are even certain vegetables that you can grow in the greenhouse all year round. For the beginning, you can start by investing in important seed supplies. Make sure that you also invest in sterile soil, containers, water, and fertilizer.

#2. Adequate Light Sources

You need to make sure that your balcony greenhouse receives adequate natural light for the plants to grow well. You might not get too much of a problem during the summer and spring. But, a supplementary lighting system might be needed during the late winter and autumn since there is not much sunlight in the seasons. You can use LED grow lights or high output fluorescent lamp strips to provide the light in your greenhouse. 

#3. Ventilating Your Balcony Greenhouse

Small greenhouse for balcony also needs ventilation to maintain good circulation. Make sure that you open the roof vents and wall vents during the summer. However, maintaining good circulation will be hard during the winter. So, make sure that you do not water the soil too much. It will also be helpful if you keep an oscillating fan running during the colder months.

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#4. Watering the Plants

Most new growers often make mistakes by watering plants based on a certain schedule. Just keep in mind that how much water is needed will depend on temperature, the growth stage of the plants, and humidity. You might need to water a seed bench in your small greenhouse for balcony every 10 days during the winter. However, you will need to increase the frequency of the watering during the summer season. If you want to know the best time to water your plants, you can measure the soil’s moisture. You can do it simply by sight and feel the soil or using specific moisture meters.

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