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Small Greenhouse for Deck

For you who love gardening, you must be already familiar with a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a building where you are able to cultivate your plants so that they can grow well in any weather. Nowadays, the function of greenhouse is developing. In several countries, a greenhouse is decoratively designed in order to increase the visual attraction of a garden or even a deck. It even also functions as a relaxing area. Below are the pretty designs of small greenhouse for deck that you can try.

Pyramid Dome Greenhouse

Dome Greenhouse

This greenhouse design is suitable for any types of deck. Use black frames so that the greenhouse looks expensive and elegant. Complete the design with a swing door that is sturdy and comfortable to use. The pyramid dome is also made from glass materials so that it brings a modern touch to the greenhouse as well as to the deck. Moreover, this pyramid dome greenhouse is easy to clean. Are you interested to try this greenhouse design?

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Combining Glass and Woods

The next design idea of small greenhouse for deck is by combining glass and woods. For you who want to have a unique greenhouse, you are able to combine glass materials and wood materials to build one. Besides being able to be a place for seedling, you are also able to sit inside the greenhouse while replacing soils inside pots or cutting branches without having to worry of heat or rain. By combining glass and woods, you attractively combine a modern look with a traditional look.

Portable Greenhouse

Portable Greenhouse

With the help of a crane or other certain tools, this small greenhouse for deck is able to be moved from one place to another. The frames are made from metals in order to ensure the sturdiness and durability. While the large glass field allows you to look at the green plants from behind the window. By adding a table and chairs on the deck, you will be able to create your private relaxing area at your house. This idea is also suitable for you who want to build a greenhouse cheap.

Gothic Greenhouse

Gothic Greenhouse

Even though a greenhouse is functioned as a house for plants, you should not forget the decorative elements. Have a Gothic greenhouse by creating high ceilings and place decorations along the roof. You can use woods for the frames. This greenhouse will be able to be a focal point on your deck.

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