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small walk-in greenhouse
image from The small walk-in greenhouse is a popular thing today especially if you want to start a greenhouse farming business without a huge space and time. Other than that, the presence of a greenhouse would help a lot when the weather is not favorable for your plants. A greenhouse is suitable for those who want to grow year round and extend the gardening season.


In order to get the right formula for a small walk-in greenhouse, you may need to purchase a backyard greenhouse kit. It would help to provide a favorable environment with a stable and warm condition so the plans would grow all year round. It could also be used to make the initial effort like planting tomatoes and peppers earlier in the season and then move it to the garden. No matter what the reason is, all we can say is that there are several types of greenhouses with different styles and costs.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Farming

The pros

Having a greenhouse in your home or even in your balcony would help to increase the productions. It also helps to minimize the risks of productions itself. On the other hand, it maximizes your profit and creates less waste. You have the control of pest, weeds, and disease while you can still grow the plants during the off-season. This means that you have better security and stability.

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The cons

However, having small garden hot houses also means that you need to spend much money on the initial investment. Besides, you have to make a precise design before jumping on planting in the off-season. Since you need to maintain the whole condition and environment, the operation cost is pretty high compared to the open field agriculture. You also need to have adequate skill and be responsible.

Getting Started

Before building or buying a greenhouse, you need to figure out the growing space needed. A greenhouse is surely a long-term investment and your choice would define how the whole business still runs even for years to come. Other than the size, you also need to consider the space for lightings and hanging plants

Nowadays, there are greenhouse kits sold on the market and you can adjust it with your budget in the first place. Also, if you want to make it on your own, there are greenhouse kits that can be built in less than one day.

Attached greenhouse kits

greenhouse kits

This greenhouse kit does not require you to build the whole walls. Other than that, the walls are very sturdy to bare the weights so you can install three sides of the walls only. In fact, this type of greenhouse kits is cheaper in price compared to other models. You will work well with this greenhouse when it comes to planting herbs, veggies, and seedlings. However, the sunlight would only reach those three sides.

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Freestanding greenhouse kits

Since the greenhouse is a standalone type, it will let you place the wall anywhere you like as long as it could get plenty of light. The initial cost is definitely more expensive than the attached greenhouse. However, it is cheaper for per plant cost. In some cases, you can even plant your plants much earlier.


When it comes to how to start greenhouse farming, you also need to pay attention to the glazing. The glazing is the cover that will wrap around the frame of your greenhouse. It is in charge of letting the sunlight inside the room for the plants and, on the other hand, keeps the other elements outside the room while maintaining the warmth inside.

For an inexpensive option, you can use the plastic sheeting but it also will deteriorate very quickly. Since glass materials are the most expensive and the most durable, you may use polycarbonate instead. It offers a cheaper price than glass and better durability than plastic or glass. Polycarbonate can also be used for bent surfaces while it also transmits the light very well.

Choosing a Site

When you build or locate a greenhouse, it is important to consider electricity and water access. The site that would be great for a greenhouse is the one with the maximum sun exposure. Other than that, an area that could get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day during the winter would be great. If you locate the greenhouse from east to the west then the southern sun exposure is the one that plays the largest part. If there is no area with enough sun, you may need to add some grow lights. Here we have the best portable greenhouse for winter.

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#1 Palram Snap and Grow 8’ Series Hobby Greenhouse

This product offers 100 percent UV protection and comes in various sizes up to 7 feet of clearance. The glazing is made of polycarbonate with double-wide doors. It has lockable doors, rain gutters, and adjustable vents on the roof. However, it is pretty heavy and you need to assemble it on your own with your own tools. Besides, the vents should be adjusted manually.

#2 Abba Patio Large Walk-In Fully Enclosed Greenhouse with Windows

Made of a strong steel frame with a durable cover, this portable greenhouse is ready for things you need. It has windows with some added layers to stay away from the insects no matter how small they are. You also do not need to use tools to assemble the greenhouse. As its name suggests, the large walk-in greenhouse is 8×10 feet large. However, you still need to assemble the whole thing and there is no roof vent in the pack.

Abba Patio Large Walk-In Fully Enclosed Greenhouse with Windows

#3 Castlecreek Deluxe Walk-In Greenhouse

If you are looking for a small walk-in greenhouse then this one is very suitable, especially for your backyard. The frame is made of steel and it features a durable yet waterproof polyethylene cover. There are two metal shelving units, ropes, and stakes to arrange your plants without ignoring stability and security. The drawback of this product is the absence of vents. Still, it is worth the try.

Castlecreek Deluxe Walk-In Greenhouse

The Beginner’s Guide to Greenhouses

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