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Starting a Greenhouse Business
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Xboomgarden.com. You must have heard the term greenhouse, right? Or, is starting a greenhouse business ever in your mind? Well, once upon a time the green house was a term for a greenhouse which is commonly used to condition plants to live healthy and disease free. However, because nowadays greenhouses use more plastic because they are more practical and inexpensive, the term greenhouse is no longer suitable. It is called a greenhouse because the contents of the house are plants while plants tend to be green.

The benefits of greenhouse

The benefits of greenhouse
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Before starting a greenhouse business, it is good to know the benefits of it. The use of greenhouses as a means of planting has long been carried out by agriculture abroad but its use in Indonesia itself is still relatively small and more widely used only limited to research by educational institutions. Even if our farmers can understand, understand and start making greenhouses as production sites for plants/herbs, vegetables, ornamental plants, and fruit trees in pots, the use of greenhouses can provide many benefits.

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A greenhouse can determine planting/production schedules

There are several plants that are suitable for planting in the rainy season and vice versa. By using a greenhouse, we can plant plants that are commonly planted in the rainy season in the dry season because there are environmental conditions and adequate water availability.

A greenhouse can improve agricultural products

The yield or yield will increase both in terms of quantity and quality. The optimal environmental conditions of plants in greenhouses and the control of pest and disease attacks can increase crop yields.

The greenhouse enables organic gardening

Today’s trend is more likely to choose healthy foods, chemical-free foods obtained from both fertilizers and the rest of the pesticides. With controlled greenhouse conditions, pest attacks will decrease and no need to use pesticides.

What to Look for in Making a Green House for Agriculture Business

Making a Green House for Agriculture Business
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To get the benefits of a greenhouse as mentioned above, the making of a greenhouse must be made in such a way as:

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·          Green House should be made with a maximum roof height as high as an adult. Greenhouses that are not too high can facilitate maintenance of plants and eradication of pests manually without pesticides.

·          Green House is closed but still has good air circulation. To outsmart you can use a number of nets/screens on the greenhouse wall so that insects cannot enter but can still be passed through the air.

·          Greenhouse is made from simple materials to save on manufacturing costs. You can also use used items such as used tiles and used wood for bulkheads.

Additionally, if you are not able to make a great greenhouse such those explanations but you really like planting beautiful plants, it is good to protect the plants of yours from cold weather, frost, and also pets with the 4 tier mini greenhouse. It is perfectly simple because you only need to give seed and the plant starts early.

Well, those are the ways that you should know and do before starting a greenhouse business for agriculture.

Greenhouse What Do I Need To Know?

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