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Greenhouse for Balcony old storm windows Thinking of having a small walk-in greenhouse on your apartment balcony? Well, this is not something impossible thing to do since you can build a mini greenhouse in your balcony. Yes, that’s true! Just take a look at these following simple tips to start a mini greenhouse for your small balcony.

Cover Your Pots

Building a mini greenhouse for the balcony is simple. However, you need to remember the basic that a greenhouse is a clear enclosure that is used to cover plants. For your small balcony, you can use four to six tall bamboos. Then, stake around the bamboos around the large flowerpot perimeter. You can pull a clear plastic bag after that to cover the entire pot. To help you secure the edges of the plastic bag, you can use clear packing tape.

Use Recycled Containers

Instead of throwing your unused containers into the garbage, you can use them to make your mini greenhouse. You can prepare 1-gallon milk or 2 or 3-liter soda bottles containers to help you grow seedling and small plants. The containers will help you to protect the plants on an exposed balcony. All you need to do is just cut the containers in half. Then, make sure to leave a 2 or 3-inch area that attached along one side. After that, create a lid by bending the top half away from the bottom part. Don’t forget to punch a few drainage holes in the bottom of the containers. 

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Applying Terrarium Style

You can also apply a terrarium style when building a mini greenhouse for the balcony. This is a leaking and large aquarium which is specially designed to create spaces in a greenhouse for small plants and seedlings. You can put the aquarium in a brightly lit location on your balcony to provide the plants with an adequate supply of sunshine. Make sure to add a 2-inch layer of foam peanuts just below the flowerpots.

Easy-to-Move Greenhouses

There are various portable greenhouses that you can easily find in the garden center. You can create the same structure to build a mini greenhouse for the balcony by using a clear plastic sheeting or metal shelving unit. Make sure that you place the shelf unit in the area where it can get the most light to grow the plants well. Wrap the shelf unit in a clear plastic sheeting after that. Secure the shelf unit by folding and taping the plastic. Voila! Your mini greenhouse is ready to plant.

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