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Where do Pistachios Come from

Xboomgarden.Com. Pistachio nuts are one of my favorite foods all time thanks to its sweet and delicious taste. You can just eat pistachio nuts as snack or add on your favorite yogurt to make it better. Yeah, pistachios are good for toppings too! The best part about pistachio is that this is not only tasty but also healthy. It contains a lot of protein and fiber that good for the digestion system and the antioxidants will help your body to protect from the virus and disease. Anyway, where do pistachios come from? Have you ever seen the tree? In this article, you will find out how are pistachios processed and why are pistachios so expensive!

1. Where do Pistachios Come from
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Where Do Pistachios Come from?

It is uncertain where pistachio tree originated, but several countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Italy, Turkey, and also Syria becomes the exporter of this nut. It is believed that those countries have the perfect pistachio tree growing zone and climate that will help pistachio trees growing well. It means that not every country can be the perfect place to grow pistachios tree. From the economic perspective, the less supply and the more demand makes the price of pistachio nuts very expensive. So, if you wonder why are pistachios so expensive, it is because only few country that produces this nuts and more people craving for it.

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4. pistachios tree
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Another fact about pistachios that you need to know is that the pistachios tree takes a very long time to mature. In the first five years, the tree produces only a handful of nuts and it takes 15 to 20 years to reach the peak production. Also, the individual trees will not produce a lot of nuts because the tree needs female and male species to boost the production. The male tree plays as the pollinator and it doesn’t bear nuts, only female pistachio tree that produce nuts.

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3. pistachio tree growing zone
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How are pistachios processed? Processing pistachio nuts start from harvesting with machines for the best result. The machines then remove the outer skin so the workers can wash and sort the nuts according to size they wish, the quality, and also how it look. The quality control part is the most intricate process because it is hand-sorted. In short, it needs intensive process with no chance for shortcut during the process.

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2. how are pistachios processed
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Pistachio Benefits and Side Effects

As what we said in the beginning of this article, the pistachio benefits are good for our health thanks to antioxidant, fiber, and high protein on pistachios nuts. Here are some benefits of pistachio nuts for our health!

It Helps to Lose Weight

Many health practitioners suggest their clients to put pistachio in their daily diet. It is great to maintaining the weight balance. You can eat pistachio as snack because it is healthier than other fast food products that contain high amount of fats, sugar, and also sodium. Besides, pistachios are tasty and it keeps your hunger controlled!

Reduces the Cholesterol Naturally

Studies show that people that consume 2 servings of pistachios a day have better cholesterol levels. Just so you know that the cholesterol is the biggest factors that lead to heart disease. If you want to reduce the cholesterol naturally, choose pistachio nuts as your daily diet. Eat with yogurt or use it as salad dressing.

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Pistachios Prevent Anemia

Even though pistachio doesn’t contain a high amount of iron, but it contains significant amount of copper. This substance will help to improve body’s ability to absorb iron that contained in other foods that consumed. As the result, it helps you to avoid anemia which caused by the lack of red blood cells.

Great Source of Fiber

For the digestion process in our stomach, the good portion of fiber is required to accelerate the digestion process. Lucky for you, pistachio contain high amount of dietary fiber that can fulfill your daily needs.

Although pistachio nuts have some nutrients that give a lot of benefits to our health, some processed products could lead to side effects and even allergies. The salted or sweetened pistachios products used artificial additives that could reduce the real benefits of pistachio nut itself. Some health practitioners also mentioned that we need to avoid fructans, which is not dangerous but it can irritate the digestive system. Those are some information about pistachio benefits and side effects that you need to know.

Why Are Pistachios Red?

Some people may wonder why are pistachios red and where are they now? Back in the 70s, where the most of pistachios are imported from the Middle East, most of the nuts are covered in red vegetable dye in order to hide stains during the process and attract people to buy it. I mean, who aren’t fascinated with the red nut?

5. why are pistachios red
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But today, as the production is growing and sophisticated harvesting method, importers don’t dye their pistachio nuts anymore. Now you know where do pistachios come from and why it used to be red!

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